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Closeup Sentiment
LR4229 Giraffe

The Bickerton-Grace Gallery's ethos is sharing and connecting through the medium of art.

When we produce a piece of art, our heart, soul and spirit are fuzed into the creation. Sharing that sentiment is the ethos of the Bickerton-Grace Gallery.... to divide the art into pieces in order to bring together a connection between family, friends and art lovers, giving one and all the opportunity to share in the 'Sentiment'of the piece.


Who are the founders and creators of this gallery..  


The gift of Sentiment is priceless.

It holds within it friendship, nostalgia and love.

This collection truly captures these emotions through the medium of art.

By creating and dividing into pieces this stunning artwork delivers a truly amazing bond between family, friends, and fellow art lovers alike.


The receiver of this limited edition unique collectible piece of art will forever be joined to a special group of individuals fortunate to become a part of the Sentiment vision and journey from dream to reality. 



This Sentimental journey has already begun.

Celebrities, Actors, World-famous musicians, Sports personalities, Designers and Art lovers have begun to connect and  already hold a piece of this Sentimental story having a real and true understanding of human connection through this medium.

There is no truer gift than the gift of 'Sentiment'.

Every piece is individually signed and numbered.

Pahrnia Sentiment

Naked Skull Collection


The Naked Skull collection showcases a mix of photography, sculpture, large format wall prints and small framed hand printed beautiful limited edition prints with runs of 1/50

Disappearing Art

In celebration of the Naked Skull Collection, we at the BickertonGrace Gallery have created a series of 10 murals from the Art Photographs by Anne-Marie Bickerton.

Jointly artists Tee and Anne-Marie created these images in chalk adding their own style to the pieces. 

The artwork is then photographed and only 25 hand prints are made, signed and numbered. The piece is then painted over and erased.

In honour of the Limited Edition ethos we then erase the digital file as well.

We hope you enjoy being part of this exciting collection. 

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