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Past Exhibitions
Barrington Loines

30 SEPTEMBER 2022 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2022

Join us at the private view Friday 30th September to meet Barrington Loines and have a chance to see these stunning oil paintings for a limited time. The Exhibition will run for three weeks solo and then be joined by Andrew Yates incredible wildlife photographer complementing the works of Barrington Loines. At this time we will also be celebrating the Resident Sentiment Collection of art pieces from those part of this unique installation.

Andrew Yates

21 OCTOBER 2022 - 05 NOVEMBER 2022

LRAndrew card.jpg

Andrew Yates exhibited with a selection of his stunning wildlife portraits in his unique style.

See Andrew's Profile here

Celebrating 100 Artists We have taken a

The Sentiment Collection is a celebration of 100 artists worldwide who have joined in a unique and wonderful collaboration of creating a human connection through the medium of art. The artist submits a piece of artwork they feel best expresses a true reflection of themselves at this time. We take that artwork and divide into 1000 pieces in the iconic jigsaw shape and mount onto 24 carat gold leaf and frame in a 12cmsq box frame ready to be shared amongst family and friends and fellow art lovers to share this wonderful connection across the globe.

Some of the artists will be exhibiting a piece at the Exhibition to be listed soon.

A selection of the Artists still on show at the Gallery are shown below.

Eddie Card.jpg
Jonel card.jpg
Lisa Card.jpg
Jelly card.jpg
Emma Card.jpg
Luisa Card.jpg
Pilar card.jpg
K Card-1.jpg
Pam card.jpg
Gnasher card.jpg
Oana Card.jpg
Gary card.jpg

Including Disappearing Art

Advert New work 1021 4.jpg

To Celebrate the Naked Skull Collection the Bickerton Grace Gallery has created a Series of Wall Art pieces from the Photographs in the collection by Anne-Marie Bickerton.

Anne-Marie has joined forces with fellow artist Tee to create these wonderful pieces. Once created each piece is photographed and 25 A4 hand prints made, signed and numbered. The digital file then deleted. Never to be reproduced. The Wall art is painted over leaving each limited edition print. 

You can purchase here on the website until all gone 

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