When we produce a piece of art, our heart, soul and spirit are fuzed into the creation. Sharing that sentiment is the ethos of the Bickerton-Grace Gallery.... to divide the art into pieces in order to bring together a connection between family, friends and art lovers, giving one and all the opportunity to share in the 'Sentiment'of the piece.


Each piece started as a 12th of the photograph. Following a layer of digital manipulation. the piece was then painted in oil to create the mosaic detail. A layer of resin, then more detail in paint and 24 carat gold leaf. Finished with a final layer of resin and beautifully framed in these bespoke wood frames.


                           Limited Edition

                             £450.00 each

Each piece is embellished and attached to a 24 carat gold gilded base, signed and numbered. 

Close up...

Available as Approx 5Ftx5Ft stunning Wall art. 

Limited Edition


Facing Future...

Available as Approx 4Ftx6Ft stunning Wall art. 

Limited Edition


This third piece in the Sentiment range has evolved from the first and leads effortlessly towards the celebration of the full Bickerton-Grace collection. 

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