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By Anne-Marie Bickerton

Each piece started as a 12th of the photograph. Following a layer of digital manipulation. the piece was then painted in oil to create the mosaic detail. A layer of resin, then more detail in paint and 24 carat gold leaf. Finished with a final layer of resin and beautifully framed in these bespoke wood frames.



£450.00 each

In receiving this "Sentiment" and at this moment in time you are connecting by the medium of art with family members, true friends and fellow art lovers.

It is the ethos of the BickertonGrace Gallery to create, showcase, and present the value of Sentiment as an art form by dividing and sharing so one and all can posses, treasure and admire its true value.


A connection that can never be broken in time and only in antiquity can this piece if art can ever become whole again.


Each piece is embellished and attached to a 24 carat gold gilded base, signed and numbered. 

'The Gatekeeper'
By Jonel Scholtz

This stunning painting is oil on canvas 110cm x 76cm

The Gatekeeper is a powerful image personal to the artist telling of great loss, and building up to healing and protection. Jonel is based in South Africa and has a global following.

Price £1,500

excluding transport

LRSentiment 1.jpg

By The Artist K

This stunning painting is 90cm x 160cm acrylic on canvas.

"Dilemma portrays the struggle of being caught in the middle, deciding to fight to survive or give up."


Price £15,000.00


By Rain McLellan

3D Art Installation with embedded lights.

6ft x 12ft


The artist is available for commissions.

Please contact us if interested.

Price £18,000

inc Installation

LR DSC_5174 1.jpg
2022-04-25 - 2020 collection final - LR-6-1.jpg

'The Kiss'
by The Artist K

Acrylic on canvas 75cm x 100cm  

Inspired by passion, desire, intimacy and raw emotion that one feels in a moment.

The build up is everything, those few seconds before you touch...

Price £3,200.00

'The Trinity'
by Piluca

Mixed Media on plasterboard, The Trinity is a Mothers take on an age old story 'In the name of the Mother, the Son and the Holy Bull'

Pluca 2.jpg


Mixed Media on Plasterboard

Price £487.50


Mixed Media on Plasterboard

Price £845.00


Mixed Media on Plasterboard

Price £487.50

by Piluca

Mixed Media on Plasterboard 

Price £845.00

by The Artist K

Limited Edition print 1/15 from the Painting in the Sentiment Collection.

In K's Cubist style of painting this fine art Giclee Art print on Pearl Fine Art paper is of stunning quality.


Framed in a tray style thin black frame keeping the focus totally on the image.

745mm x 525mm inc frame

Price £850.00

Secrets LEP in frame.jpg
DarkREDKim Sentiment x2.jpg
Layer 1.png

'Map Of Love'
By Anne-Marie Bickerton

Designed by creating a jigsaw piece collage of our London home town.

A symbol of connection and Love.

Photographed and a short run of 1/10 created in these stunning colours.

Printed by hand 10"x10" and presented in a plastic protective sleeve. 

Created exclusively at The BickertonGrace Gallery
by Anne-Marie Bickerton

Price £30.00

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