Dr Pam Spurr

As our Sentiment Journey continues we are excited to introduce Dr Pam Spurr. She has worked as a self help expert, Agony Aunt and solutions coach, Commentator and a writer on sex, relationships and human behaviour. No stranger to radio and TV and author of 15 self help books.

This collection of work is we believe, an extension of her experiences and continued story telling.

Introducing Artist Ian George Nicoll whose extraordinary work is a reflection and interpretation of the workings of his mind. The Image Ian has chosen for his 'Sentiment' is titled 'The Warrior' 

Available now.

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Ian George Nicoll

Dean Grace

Based in Germany Dean Grace would describe his art as "colourful and sometimes provocative. Being a musician helps aswell. When you paint to music it can really influence your mood"


Zohar is a classically-trained artist who's career was defined by a commitment to figurative painting that withstood the influences of the 20th Century. He was born in Kazakhstan in 1945 and grew up in Northern Israel. Since 1987 he has been living in London.

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Gary Hogben

Gary's passion for art started at a young age. He came from a background of water colour and oil painting. He loved to copy Impressionists works and in his words "if I liked it I painted it".

More recently he moved into stencils and spray paint progressing into collage work.

Gary sells his pieces Internationally.

He now mainly works creating collages out of British postage stamps. Published in Vogue, GQ and House of Coco to name a few.

Maria is an independant artist and graphic designer. Her journey started 20 years ago. Based between France and London with many exhibitions under her belt. Her work continues to develop with her beautiful unique style. 

Marina a visual artist, maker and performer based in London with a background in performance and dance her work ranges from figurative oil paintings and sculptural forms.


2Profile pics.jpg

Introducing Artist Oldhaus. Based in Germany.

Not constricted to a studio his love of art is expressed on a large scale in the form of murals and street art. His art has taken him far and wide through events and exhibitions.  



Alessia graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University where she pursued a career as a successful Lawyer whilst balancing her world with the need to create art. 

Now a full time artist her work speaks for it's self. Stunning.

Jonel Scholtz

Jonel card.jpg

Jonel is from South Africa with a science background. Her portraits are impressionistic and of the moment. 

Sally de Courcy

Sally de courcy.jpg

Sally went from art to medicine and back to art.Her work is described as conceptual art.

In Sally's words "The repeated objects that I cast relate metaphorically and literally and are hidden in the artwork"

Armando Alemdar

Armando sq.jpg

Armando is an artist, art historian and educator from Macedonia and based in London. Armando would describe his art as Abstract Figurative.

Luisa Schmeisser

Luisa Card.jpg

Luisa is an artist based in Germany. She choses the scapel instaed of the pen with the rediscovered paper cut technique. She has been exhibiting since 2008 and lives and works as an artist and teacher in Mainz.

Tom Holland

Toms CArd.jpg

Tom is based in the inspirational Penryn, Cornwall and his style is taken from his love and passion for colour and shape that translates directly to the canvas. There is no mistaking his wonderful style.

Emma Tweedie

Emma Card.jpg

Emma is a mixed media artist from Northern Ireland and now based in London. Her inspiration is the natural world.

Her background includes study in photography, printmaking, fashion and textiles which is all evident in her stunning pieces.

Thomas Wolski

Tom card.jpg

"Thomas Wolski is a contemporary British artist whose media mainly involves intricate freehand illustration of sculptures drawings and curio"

His completely unique and signature style comprises images within images, utilising iconic bold silhouettes to incite your curiosity and teasing your eyes as you become aware of the magical worlds and hidden treasures that inhabit his artworks.

David Katz

David card.jpg

David is a gem in the photography world who's career has spun 30 years as a press and sports photographer.

Speaking to David his inspirational take on the world is infectious. In 2017 David shocked with the revelation that he was legally blind. Having David with us creating his piece of Sentiment is wonderful as his piece tells his story.


Jelly card.jpg

Jelly is a street artist known for painting feminine figures with dynamic supersize eyelashes in murals around the city and on canvas.

Her lived experience as an asian, female with autoimmune illness permeate her artwork along with her background in politics, sociology and history.


Ryan card.jpg

G.rant has a healthy obsession with all things skulls and his technique is true fine art.

In the last 2 years Ryan revisited his passion for drawing and it has proven to be his life saver. 

Margreet Mateboer


Margreet lives and works in the Netherlands. From a background studying photography, filming and desktop publishing she has found her niche in creating these incredible images using an iPad pro with apple pencil. Once printed she will embellish the pieces with gold elements.

As with all the artists she too has an incredible story.

Dan Digby


Dan is a comic artist/cartoonist from London now based in the Isle of Wight.

He has developed cartoon characters from animals, insects, aliens, coffee ghosts and much more.


Gnasher card.jpg

Gnasher has been a graffiti artist since the late 80's and now makes his living painting murals.

His art is incredible and described as photorealistic.

"Not street art or graffiti just art" (Gnasher)

Marie O'Hara

Marie Card.jpg

Marie is all about embracing the arts with a theatrical production company. From script writing and casting to her wonderful escape into painting.

Sarah Graham

Sarah card.jpg

Sarah describes herself beautifully, "I’m a photorealist artist, creating oil paintings of sweets and toys.  I’m also a child trapped in a grown ups body!"


T card.jpg

Tee is a mixed media artist from London combining film, photography and digital art. 

Andrei Nistor

Andrei card.jpg

Andrei is an original abstract artist who creates in a variety of media, oil on canvas, watercolor, graphics, digital art, street art, murals, object design etc. Sometimes he combines them in surprising and fresh works of art. 

Anca Jitariu Gliga

Anca card-1.jpg

Anca is a mum, an artist and art teacher using, acrylic,oil and mixed media Her art revolves around classic details, with spontaneous large shapes in portraiture, landscape, still life and abstract compositions.

Ciro Manrique

Ciro card.jpg

Since Ciro was a child, his passion has been to paint that world from his point of view trying different techniques; acrylic, oil, watercolor, etching, lithography, woodcut, sculpture, photography, or even theatre, short films or everything you can see and feel.

Erhan Karagöz

Erhan card.jpg

"I am a Turkish self-taught artist who believes that every branch of art is the sine qua non of the human soul, but the painting is the most naive form of self-expression and I try to reflect these feelings in my artworks". 

Mr Meana

Marc card.jpg

Mr Meana comes from a graffiti background of yard and track side. He tells a story of how this art has developed over time. Mr Meana talks of the excitement crossed with hardship and loss and effects mentally that this path has had. Now in demand and described by others as a tatooist with a spray can.

Ana-Maria Nistor

Ana-Maria card.jpg

"The lines which I create interpret them as frequencies between me, time and space. An emotional discharge of thoughts and feelings, of some energies, discharge of nerve frequency. The energy that comes out of a soul from a center around which everything revolves. Freedom of expression of my own mind".

Carel King

Carel card.jpg

I am an ambitious student, following my heart to pursue my passion for art. I produce artwork of charcoal, soft pastels, and oil paint, with the occasional use of other media, such as acrylic paint, graphite, and digital drawings. I combine realism with fiction to produce evocative visual narratives and settings. Originally from Jamaica, I currently reside in South Florida, where I have the opportunity to exhibit my artwork.

Mario Arango

Mario card.jpg

Mario’s art style is an eclectic but predominantly fantastic-figurative style. With some landscape works as well. His paintings are recognizable for their combination of influences from 20th century artist and his descriptive use of bold and vivid colors.

Born in Havana, Cuba. Arango’s career expands over four decades, with hundreds of artworks worldwide.

Steyn Skyler

Steyn card.jpg

Steyn joins us from Amsterdam. His style is a taste and fusion of his passion for graffiti and street art. The main idea behind most of his art is to show a person's inner beauty and character through nature and wildlife.



Marc Silver graphic designer and CEO of MurWalls. His brain child combines his passion for street art into a business supporting artists.The team is made up of some of the UK's finest street artists with years of real street art life experience. 

Michael Ford

Michael card.jpg

Michael produces art in a range of different styles and media and thrives on the challenge of creating and developing new images.

Barrington Loines

Barrington card.jpg

Liverpool born Barrington has created a style that has earn't him a standing as official artist to The National Trust.

Working in oils and capturing realism whilst portraying movement and atmosphere.

Carole Lucas

Carole card.jpg

Carole's Professional portfolio spans 25 years in the world of design and through a natural journey from drawing to computers she decided to dabble in the world of Airbrushing in the motorcycle scene. Now working from a studio in North london specialising in mainly photo realism airbrushing.

Szylk Wane

Silvi card-1.jpg

"I am an artist with an urge of getting my hands dirty. Don’t mind the material as long as I can experiment with it and find the sweet spot that works for me. However in the past few years I have been more interested in graffiti and street art"


Lio's card.jpg

"My art is more about feeling than thinking"

"My mission is to create emotion through art, because emotions are missing in our everyday lives” 

Ruth Allen

Ruth Card-1.jpg

"I am an illustrator and printmaker. I work on commissions, create designs for limited edition screen prints and have illustrated a couple of books. I love all different styles of architecture and interior design".

Michal Barzyk


Mike is an airbrush artist from Poland who likes to create incredible Dark fantasy images.

Josh DeZinr

Josh card.jpg

Josh describes himself as a digital luxury artist creating a beautiful indulgence of mixed media to include 24 carat gold, loose diamonds, Swarovski crystals and more.

Laurie DeVault

Laurie card.jpg

Laurie is a native Californian currently living in Massachusetts.

Contemporary abstract painter, Photographer, teacher, writer, traveller and mother.

Samantha Gray

Samantha card.jpg

Samantha a tattooist and artist from Lincolnshire who describes her art as Abstract portraits.

Nadine Hurst

Nadine card.jpg

Nadine is an artist from a background of realistic portraiture but more recently moved into graphic/illustrative paintings.

A celebration of the female form in this incredible vibrant explosion of colour.

Katherine Griffin

Katherine 2card.jpg

Katherine describes her art.

'My paintings are made up of intense colours and intricate detail. I explore surreal and nostalgic dreamscapes that are laced with symbolism, motif and metaphor, evoking a pop psychedelia with a dark edge and enveloping a fictitious space that nonetheless resonates with the real'. 

Leanne Sinclair

Leanne card.jpg

Leanne is a full time tattoo artist and oil painter. Originally from Middlesbrough she is now very settled in Scotland. A refreshing abstract style capturing movement with moments in time.

Jay Wilson

Jay card.jpg

Jay is a mixed media artist.

Living in Kent he is quite new to the creative world.

Kim Wolf

Kim card.jpg

Kim is a wonderful abstract artist based in Norway inspired by the wonderful landscapes that surround her.

Gianmarco Carbone

Gianmarco card.jpg

Gianmarco living in Italy and would describe his art as constantly evolving. He is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.

Iris Santos

Iris Card.jpg

Iris discovered her passion for art through science going on to graduate in 3D Animation.

From Portugal and currently living in London.

Connor Mccoy

Connor card-1.jpg

Connor as an artist majors in 3D animation and modelling inspired by the worlds of comic books. His style is modern and in touch with new technology. 

Luke Gray

Luke card.jpg

Luke is a travelling surrealist painter specializing in large scale paintings on walls and canvas. 

Rosso Emerald Crimson

Rosso card.jpg

Rosso describes her style as

'transitional realism'. The idea was that my art was 'transiting' from realism into an imaginary, almost dreamy, realm.

Yue Zeng

Yue card.jpg

Yue a former chemist moved into becoming a full time artist in 2017 and has not looked back.Her style is influenced heavily in fantasy and surrealism but with a dash of realism and impressionism.



Ansterstern joins us from the Ukraine and in her words would describe her art..

"Other people tell me that my art is dark, bizarre, odd, eerie, spreads cosmic vibes... And they seem to be right - something always makes me pay more attention to the dark, cruel, ironic side of life and reflect it in my artworks.

Richard Lubert

Richard card.png

Richard specialises in water colours and combines his love of nature with that of yoga that co exist together in harmony. Richard joins us from France.

Oana D Gavrila

Oana Card.jpg

Oana is a London based artist born in Romania. Her work is mixed media and Oana would describe her art as abstract figurative and expressive.

Lisa Izquierdo

Lisa Card.jpg

Lisa's work is abstract and highly textured exploring all things natural and expressing emotional reactions to her life here and now.


K Card-1.jpg

K describes her art as her own interpretation of Cubism.

A striking technique that she has totally made her own.

Emiliano Diaz

Emiliano card.jpg

Emiliano's style is a wonderful example of Pop Art.He also goes by the name ANO.

Bright, vibrant and he creates moments in cities through colour.

Sam Bunch

Sam Card.jpg

Sam is an abstract and mixed media artist and also of words. She describes herself as 

Purging. Sometimes vigorous but always, always - free.

Abi Joy Samuel


"I am a representational artist inspired by abstract expressionism. Itʼs classical, but with a twist".

Valeria Rusyn


From Italy living in London Valeria specialises in abstract portraits.

Sally Farr

2 Sally card.jpg

"I am a designer, art director, and illustrator".

Rain McLellan

Rain card.jpg

"I am a mixed media artist and designer who loves to bring ideas to life"

Leigh Francis

Keith card.jpg

!. who is Leigh?
Isnʼt he the incredibly shy, well mannered gentleman that plays me TVʼs Keith Lemon?!

Not just a performing artist but an incredibly talented mixed media artist.

Antony March

Antony card.jpg

Antony submerges himself in true street art and draws inspiration from his surroundings and Army background.

Andrew Yates

LRAndrew card.jpg

From a background of fashion and editorial since the late 80's Andrew's style of today swaps the years of training the eye in composing people to these stunning portraits of both domestic and wild animals.


Pilar card.jpg

Born in Madrid and since the 90's has been living in London.

Piluca feeds of the energy of life which is apparent in her works.

Tracy Charlotte Power

Tracy card-5.jpg

Inspired  by fashion pop culture and music and one particular statue features heavily in Tracy's art. Her path has been challenging and Tracy draws on these experiences to feed her inspiration and motivation.

Eddie Card.jpg

Eddie Wells

My Current work is a reflection of my desire to communicate intelligence through Art to promote life change, my desire for reaction by creating work that triggers a memory in others, the connection between music and memory, the diversity of london, and the essence of the East end where things that you wouldn’t necessarily put together somehow holding strong and working, It’s the sum of many layers of a story, it’s a flash back like a song a visual encore to a story.