Dr Pam Spurr

As our Sentiment Journey continues we are excited to introduce Dr Pam Spurr. She has worked as a self help expert, Agony Aunt and solutions coach, Commentator and a writer on sex, relationships and human behaviour. No stranger to radio and TV and author of 15 self help books.

This collection of work is we believe, an extension of her experiences and continued story telling.

Introducing Artist Ian George Nicoll whose extraordinary work is a reflection and interpretation of the workings of his mind. The Image Ian has chosen for his 'Sentiment' is titled 'The Warrior' 

Available now.

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Ian George Nicoll

Dean Grace

Based in Germany Dean Grace would describe his art as "colourful and sometimes provocative. Being a musician helps aswell. When you paint to music it can really influence your mood"


Zohar is a classically-trained artist who's career was defined by a commitment to figurative painting that withstood the influences of the 20th Century. He was born in Kazakhstan in 1945 and grew up in Northern Israel. Since 1987 he has been living in London.

Gary Hogben

Gary's passion for art started at a young age. He came from a background of water colour and oil painting. He loved to copy Impressionists works and in his words "if I liked it I painted it".

More recently he moved into stencils and spray paint progressing into collage work.

Gary sells his pieces Internationally.

He now mainly works creating collages out of British postage stamps. Published in Vogue, GQ and House of Coco to name a few.

Maria is an independant artist and graphic designer. Her journey started 20 years ago. Based between France and London with many exhibitions under her belt. Her work continues to develop with her beautiful unique style. 

Marina a visual artist, maker and performer based in London with a background in performance and dance her work ranges from figurative oil paintings and sculptural forms.


2Profile pics.jpg

Introducing Artist Oldhaus. Based in Germany.

Not constricted to a studio his love of art is expressed on a large scale in the form of murals and street art. His art has taken him far and wide through events and exhibitions.  



Alessia graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University where she pursued a career as a successful Lawyer whilst balancing her world with the need to create art. 

Now a full time artist her work speaks for it's self. Stunning.

Jonel Scholtz

Jonel card.jpg

Jonel is from South Africa with a science background. Her portraits are impressionistic and of the moment. 

Sally de Courcy

Sally de courcy.jpg

Sally went from art to medicine and back to art.Her work is described as conceptual art.

In Sally's words "The repeated objects that I cast relate metaphorically and literally and are hidden in the artwork"

Armando Alemdar

Armando sq.jpg

Armando is an artist, art historian and educator from Macedonia and based in London. Armando would describe his art as Abstract Figurative.

Luisa Schmeisser

Luisa Card.jpg

Luisa is an artist based in Germany. She choses the scapel instaed of the pen with the rediscovered paper cut technique. She has been exhibiting since 2008 and lives and works as an artist and teacher in Mainz.

Tom Holland

Toms CArd.jpg

Tom is based in the inspirational Penryn, Cornwall and his style is taken from his love and passion for colour and shape that translates directly to the canvas. There is no mistaking his wonderful style.

Emma Tweedie

Emma Card.jpg

Emma is a mixed media artist from Northern Ireland and now based in London. Her inspiration is the natural world.

Her background includes study in photography, printmaking, fashion and textiles which is all evident in her stunning pieces.

Thomas Wolski

Tom card.jpg

"Thomas Wolski is a contemporary British artist whose media mainly involves intricate freehand illustration of sculptures drawings and curio"

His completely unique and signature style comprises images within images, utilising iconic bold silhouettes to incite your curiosity and teasing your eyes as you become aware of the magical worlds and hidden treasures that inhabit his artworks.

David Katz

David is a gem in the photography world who's career has spun 30 years as a press and sports photographer.

Speaking to David his inspirational take on the world is infectious. In 2017 David shocked with the revelation that he was legally blind. Having David with us creating his piece of Sentiment is wonderful as his piece tells his story.


Jelly is a street artist known for painting feminine figures with dynamic supersize eyelashes in murals around the city and on canvas.

Her lived experience as an asian, female with autoimmune illness permeate her artwork along with her background in politics, sociology and history.


G.rant has a healthy obsession with all things skulls and his technique is true fine art.

In the last 2 years Ryan revisited his passion for drawing and it has proven to be his life saver. 

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