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Q1 Who is Luisa?

I'm Luisa Schmeisser, born in 1989 in Heidelberg (Germany). Since 2008 I've had exhibitions in Germany and in foreign countries. I live and work as a teacher and artist in Mainz.

Q2 Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from books, songs, journeys, the nature and the environment influence a lot of my working process.

Q3 Did you have any training?

I prepared my entrance examination at the school in Stuttgart (Germany) and studied fine arts and French at the Academy of Arts University in Mainz and Landau. I received a scholarship during my studies and so I studied for half a year in Dijon (Ecole nationaled'art de Dijon, France).

Q4 How would you describe your Art?

At the beginning of each piece of work by Luisa she takes a close look. Organic structures and the architecture of abandoned places from the starting point searching for the actual essence of things. Like a cartographer, she creates maps that send the viewer on a path to get to the bottom of things. She does not use pen to add information to the paper source material, instead she choses the scalpel and the rediscovered paper cut technique. The cut into the paper literally enables her to penetrate deeply. There are labyrinthine paths that overlap and penetrate each other. This new way of looking at the inside of things is delicate and fragile. The works cast shadows on the background, as in Plato's parable of the cave. This is to be understood as an invitation to the viewer to look for further levels of knowledge behind their motifs.

With her cards the artist sends the viewer on a journey to the innermost of things. The paths there are winding. Some also lead to dead ends. Anyway she agrees with Dante'if you always see the road ahead of you, it's not worth the trip'.


Q5 What artists inspire you?

Kara Walker, Peter Doig, Marlene Dumas, Gabriele Basch, Henri Matisse, Tilmann Zahn and Silvia Bachli.

Q6 What does Sentiment mean to you?

Expression, connection, part of a wonderful puzzle, unity, team spirit and constancy.

Luisa's Sentiment


Luisa's piece is entitled Aufatman

Luisa's artwork we have reproduced on canvas and divided into 1000 pieces. Each piece is then mounted on a hand-gilded 24-carat gold leaf base with a thread of gold leaf running through each piece connecting all pieces together and to the artist and in turn to all the artists in the Sentiment collection. Framed in a black wooden box frame, signed and numbered ready to be collected and shared. To own a piece of your sentiment follow the link below and start collecting and connecting.

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