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Maria tells us about herself with a simple Q&A

Q1 Who is Maria Burberry?

An independant artist and graphic designer. Maria started her career as an artist 20 years ago. After her marriage breakdown she spent many years in IT for the sake of raising her child alone. Maria resumed her Career as a full time artist in 2019 with the following exhibitions.

Parallax International Art Fair, Kennsington, London 2020

Gabriel's Fine Art Gallery Christmas Fair

Marylebone, December 2019

Parallax International Art Fair,

Kennsington, London October 2019

Red Dot UK Exhibition tour fromAugust 2019-ongoing

Light Space Time International online Gallery 2019

Southbank Printmakers mini prints Exhibition, London April 2019

Q2 Where do you get your inspiration?

inspiration is everywhere. The Line of a drawing, a chance meeting or a happy memory. Guess one can say it's people and their feelings and thoughts. Our life is full of feelings and they are in colour, like an artists palette.

Q3 Did you have any training?

Hamstead School of Arts (2018-2019) London.

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts (1997-1999) Moscow.

Q4 How would you describe your Art?

Art is the representation of the soul of the Artist. I like the quote from Mark Chagall "If I create from the Heart nearly everything works, if from the head almost nothing".

I don't do preliminary sketches. I often start with a simple line that progresses into fantasy.The picture builds itself like a mosaic puzzle, based on the feelings I see in colours and lines that remind me of melodies.

Q5 What Artists Inspire you?

I wouldn't say inspire, as that implies they influence my art. I prefer to create the way I see or rather feel it. I do love Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin, artists of Belle Epoque, Art Deco as well as 50's 60's period though I'm not trying to replicate any of them intentionally.

Q6 What does Sentiment mean to you?

It's a connection. 1000 pieces connected by a golden thread, like feelings and events of ones life that give it a meaning. Each individual piece is an art it's self. Together they create a new greater meaning of unity.

Maria's Sentiment


Maria's artwork 'Annunciation' is now available. This beautiful painting has been reproduced into 1000 pieces to now be shared creating a connection with many. Each piece is mounted on 24 carat gold leaf base and framed in a simple black wooden box frame.To be connected and share in Maria's Sentiment follow the link below. 

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