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​Reclaimed wood

1977 London Bus slides

Lead, Resin

1000mm x 1000mm


“Sun Street Passage”

Sun street runs east west from shoreditch to the city. In the evening the sun sets below the skyscrapers of the city semi silhouetting them big low sun lowering casting the city into night at the end of the street. A thin passage continues down the back of Liverpool st
Station with the sun blinding as it sets behind the city

I’d walk it after work at night on my way out to a recklessly excessive night out. It was like walking from back stage onto the stage of the night in the 90’s

The song “Memory of a Free Festival” -David Bowie especially the end part is the feel for me
and should be listened too really with it. The sun is represented by the flower logo of the indie band “James” who’s song “Sit Down” is about mood disorders, and very
Much relates to the time, and my reckless back then driven by my then undiagnosed ADHD of which that song nails my internal conflict back then.

It made on a reclaimed board from a building sit in east london, real yellow line paint, original tube destination slide, walnut veneer, lead, resin and mixed media……like a song


'Sun Street Passage' by Eddie Wells

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