This is a limited edition of 50 from this artwork adding to the unique and special element of each piece. These 2 pieces of the puzzle have been mounted on 24carat gold leaf and framed in a 12cm sq shadow box frame to preserve your special connection to the other 998 in the puzzle. Only one has been made making your piece unique and an incredible gift to bestow on someone very special and make a bond through this special piece of art. In receiving this “sentiment”and at this moment in time you are connecting by the Medium of art with 998 family members, true friends and fellow art lovers.

It is the ethos of Bickerton -Grace Gallery to create,  showcase and present the value of “sentiment” as an art form by dividing and sharing so one and all can possess, treasure and admire  its true value.

A connection that can never be broken in  time and only in antiquity can this piece of art ever become whole again 

Double Sentiment

  • 1/1000 jigsaw piece from the 'Sentiment' Art work mounted on 24 carat gold leaf and framed in a 12cm sq black shadow box wood frame. Signed and numbered.