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Sam tells us about herself with a simple Q&A

Q1 Who is Sam Bunch?

Northern, curious, enthusiastic, friendly, over excitable. A writer, artist, reflexologist, iridologist, naturopath, and cartwheeler. Nature lover, gardner, mountain enthusiast, looking at, not climbing. Interested, especially in tiny things.

Q2 Where do you get your inspiration?

My induction to art started with my own blank walls and no money to put original art on them. I decided to make my own. The inspiration came from a dish cloth and all the years wiping down the kitchen counter. The way I scrubbed the debris from the day made me feel cleansed and energised. Putting canvas under the cloth I added paint and furiously scrubbed. Patterns emerged and my art developed from there.

Q3 Did you have any training?

I did Oʼlevel art and got grade C does that count?

Q4 How would you describe your art?

Purging. Sometimes vigorous but always, always - free.

Q5 What artists inspire you?

Iʼm inspired by almost any artist because of their back story. Itʼs their stories that drive me to see their work. I donʼt love their work necessarily but I am always interested in how they got there. My first inspiration was Joseph Beuys. Up until I saw his Exhibition at the Tate Modern in 2005, I had no clue about art at all. His work made me realise much about myself. I love Abstract Impressionist. Lee Krasner, Elaine DeKooning, Mary Abbot, Sean Scully. When I walk in a room I am immediately drawn to the art.

Q6 What does Sentiment mean to you?

I am all about connection. Be it through people, nature, words, paint, music.

Itʼs what threads us together. When I heard about this project it struck a chord. Iʼm imaging 1000 people all connecting through one piece of art. Itʼs the start of friendship and discovery. Who knows where this will take us? What history this project will bring? The Sentiment is an opening for much more than a piece of beautiful art.

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