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Ana-Maria Nistor

Ana-Maria tells us about herself with a simple Q&A

Q1. Who is Ana-Marie?

Ana Maria is a romanian emerging artist. She was born in Ploiesti, Romania in
1998, and her life has always taken place in an artistic context. She is a sunny,
positive and energetic person.

Q2. Where do you get your inspiration?The unconscious is the fruit of my
inspiration. I rely a lot on intuition in drawing and I give free rein to the feelings
and thoughts I have today. The lines which I create interpret them as frequencies
between me, time and space. An emotional discharge of thoughts and feelings, of
some energies, discharge of nerve frequency. The energy that comes out of a soul
from a center around which everything revolves. Freedom of expression of my own mind.

Q3. Did you have any training?

I always draw. I attended the High School of Fine Arts in Ploiesti for 8 years, after which I graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Italy in the Graphics department. I am currently a 4th year student in the Artistic Graphics, Engraving section.

Q4. How would you describe your art?

My art manifested through organic symbols is meant to capture a message much deeper than that which can be perceived by the conscious mind, a message that may have originated in ancient times but also in the subtle spiritual plane from which all come, a message that wants to capture the need to return to nature and purity. The need to encourage the expression of organic uniqueness within us and outside us. The moment I set out to create, I completely detach myself from any expectation by letting the lines and symbols flow by accessing them from the universal plane through thought. My creation represents me in a profound way, having the liberating, healing role for me and those meant to admire it. They symbolize both feelings, emotions and ideals, present, past and future. Concluding in the present the past and the emotions that want to be released. Each line is a thought, some that never end, others that have just begun. My works are illustrations of my own consciousness. The line changes depending on the intensity of the thoughts, either negative or positive, and this helps me to give volume to my creation.

Q5. What artists inspire you?

I can't say that I have an artist that inspires me, but of course I have artists that I admire.I admire their work but especially the artistic concept, the basic idea behind each work of art and I mean especially Jackson Pollock and Vasily Kandinsky.

Q6. What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment is an opportunity for me to participate beside other artists in this concept of sharing.I find myself in this project because it is related to the principle which I follow when I make my works of art. The sentiments from my artworks are produced by thoughts and I am happy that I can share a sentiment, a thought with you.

Ana-Maria Nistor
Insta png.png

Ana-Maria's Sentiment

This beautiful painting is from Ana's collection.

We have taken a hi-res image printed on canvas and divided the collaborative piece into 1000 pieces allowing friends, family and fellow art lovers to connect to the artist and each other through this unique medium.

Each piece is mounted on a 24 carat gold leaf base with a thread of gold running through the pieces to connect each together and to this artist and in turn all the artists in this Sentiment collection.

Framed in a black wooden box frame signed and numbered and ready to be shared and collected.

Ana-Maria Nistor

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