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Gary Hogben

Gary tells us about himself with a simple Q&A

Q1. Who is Gary Hogben?

Full time artist, middle aged English chap living in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
I have always been interested in art since an early age. I started off by doing
pencil sketches of animals and progressed onto water colours giving these
away to members of the family. My first oil painting was done when I was
seventeen. I did a copy of metamorphosis of Narcissus by Salvador Dali, which
I did in 1985 which took six weeks.

After that was done I completed numerous other paintings, mostly copies of
Impressionist works. "If I liked it I painted it".

Between 1996 and 2008 I did not paint a thing only taking up the paint brush or in this case spray can after a visit to a street art exhibition. I thought to myself 'how hard can that be?' So I started to experiment with stencils and spray paint.

I progressed onto collage work resulting in over 300 artworks in the last few years including quite a few commissions.

I have sold Internationally to America 40 pieces there, Canada, New Zealand, Italy and Australia now 20 pieces there with one collector having 17 of my pieces. France Germany and Switzerland. I now mainly work creating collages out of British postage stamps.

Some of my pieces have now been featured in the following magazines, Vogue, GQ, House of Coco, Coach magazine, Daily Mirror and American Philatalist Journal.

I have appeared in many shows and exhibitions across London.

Q2. Where do you get your inspiration?

When previously asked that question I always say at the bottom of a glass, so will go with that.

Q3. Have you had any training?

No training just an O'Level in art but my working life background in the printing industry is very useful for what I'm doing now.

Q4. How would you describe your art?

​Ultimate re-cycling, taking a little piece of printed paper and turning them into artworks.

Q5. What artists inspire you?

Andy Warhol is my biggest inspiration along with Roy Lichtenstein. As you can guess I like pop art.

Q6. What does Sentiment mean to you?

I like producing artworks that make people think. I like it when someone is looking at a piece from a distance and I see the look on their face when they look closer and see that it is made of postage stamps.

Gary Hogben
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Gary's Sentiment

'Union Jack'

Gary's images are a wonderful collection of British Stamps ranging from Victorian to modern day creating these iconic images.

Seeing this image again ironically rebroken into jigsaw pieces focus's on the brilliant detail of the stamps Gary has used to create this image.

Each piece is mounted on a hand gilded 24 carat-gold base and framed in a simple black wooden box frame.

To be connected and share in Gary's Sentiment follow the link below.

Gary Hogben

Gary's Gallery

Please click or tap on the image to go to the piece in our shop.

Please click or tap on the image to go to the piece in our shop.

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