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Michal Barzyk

Mike tells us about himself with a simple Q&A

Q1. Who is Mike?

Mike is 33 living in London but originally from Poland.

A young Airbrush artist in pursuit of a professional career and of course overall

Q2. Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes mainly from many different artists and things I see, also from
random daily events or thoughts.

Q3. Did you have any training?

No 100% Self taught.

Q4. How would you describe your art?


Q5. What artists inspire you?

Zdzislaw Beksinski, H.R. Giger, Boris Vallejo, Salvador Dali, Jim Warren.

Q6. What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment is a wonderful concept of connecting with people through art. I'm honoured to be a part of it so it means the world to me....

Michal Barzyk
Insta png.png

Michal's Sentiment


This artwork is now part of the Sentiment collection and has been divided up into 1000 pieces allowing friends, family and fellow art lovers to connect to his story.

Each piece is mounted on a 24-carat gold leaf base with a thread of gold running through each piece. This connects all the pieces together and to the artist and in turn all the artists in the Sentiment collection.

Framed in a black wooden box frame, signed and numbered ready to share and be collected.

To own a piece of Michal's Sentiment follow the link below and start collecting and connecting.

A human connection through the medium of art.

Michal Barzyk

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