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Zohar tells us about himself with a simple Q&A

Q1. Who is Zohar?

Zohar is a figurative painter specialising in classical techniques.

Born at the end of the war and grew up in Israel. Came to live in Britain in 1986.

Q2. Where did you get your Inspiration?

I am deeply inspired by the great masters of the past. From the Renaissance to
the Baroque to the romanticism.

Not only painters, I am also inspired by the great composers, novelists and poets.

Above all I am inspired by human state of life and emotions.

Q3. Did you have any formal training?

I began studying drawing and painting from the age of 12. After high school studied at the Art Academy 'Bezalel' in Jerusalem and then with the Viennese painter Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015).

Q4. How would you describe your art?

My paintings deal with our emotional reaction to forms and light. This is the art of illusion that recreates reality in a more prominent way.

Q5.What artists inspire you?

Amongst many others, Vermeer and Rembrandt but as much much the Russian Painter Repin and also Modigliani, Degas and Lucian Freud. As i said earlier , Bach, Mozart, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy have also great influence on me.

Q6. What is your proudest achievement?

In 1996 when they organised the great exhibition of Vermeer in the Hague, I was invited to exhibit next to his works may own show "Homage to Vermeer". For me it was the greatest honour.

I was also invited in 1990 to do an official portrait of Dianna Princess of Wales and in 2006 I did a group portrait painting of the judges of the High Court of Justice.

Q7. What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment means Humanity and acknowledge the past and deep love and respect for Human achievements.

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Zohar's Sentiment

'Zohar's Selection'

Zohar's artwork is now available. This piece is a selection of his great works in a storytelling montage showcasing his incredible talent for capturing people in a classic old master's style that we recognize and love.

We have taken his work and divided it into 1000 pieces mounted onto a 24-carat gold leaf backing and framed simply in a black wooden box frame.

To be connected and to share in Zohar's Sentiment follow the link below.

A human connection through the medium of art.


Zohar's Gallery

This is a selection from the artist's back catalogue.

If you are interested in purchasing Zohar's work, please contact us.

This is a selection from the artist's back catalogue.

If you are interested in purchasing Zohar's work, please contact us.

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