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So, About me:

I am predominantly figurative artist, but I also like non narrative aspect of abstract thought.

The female body is my main figurative subject, and for me it all starts in my studio with life drawing models, working from observation. These are then enlarged on to the bigger canvases using bold brushstrokes, deep colour, texture, and feelings which makes intuitive process to begin. My aim is always to experiment and grow out of comfort zone, without fear of loosing it all.

I finished Academy of Art in Sarajevo, but I live and work in North London since taking exile in UK.
I had numerous group and solo exhibitions in UK and Internationally such as:
Saatchi Gallery, Cork Street, Royal College of Art, Mall Gallery and many more.

I am award winning painter, interested in human condition, expression and emotion. My art is often autobiographical.

‘Tamara talks to our most suppressed unconscious thoughts. Her works are captivating voyage into our own depths and darkness.’
Art Historian: Karen Lappon

I am inspired by many artists and movements.
To name the few:
Caravaggio as perhaps my favourite for his Chiaroscuro, Francis Bacon for his nudes, George Baselitz for his upside-down figures, Willem de Kooning for his bold brushstrokes, Antoni Tapies and his Informel style gesture, and many more.

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