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Chris tells us about himself with a simple Q&A

Q1 Who is Chris Mars?

As a London based musician I have the privilege of working in a vibrant city for many years, inspired and influenced by all that life has to offer. Music being my chosen medium of communication I would say I am a seeker of ideas, 

I capture emotions and turn them into music and song. This is who I am and what I love doing, simply making and performing music.

Q2.Where did you get your inspiration from?

Every day is an inspiration, people, events, comedy, nature and the world in general is one big inspiration. Relationships are very inspirational because they can dig deep into your heart, sometimes breaking it but also healing it. 

Q3.Did you have any training?

I was classically trained on the piano, guitar and vocals. However after leaving school I dived straight into the music world by performing in bars and clubs around London before getting involved with bands and TV productions whilst writing music and songs regularly.

This experience was the best training anyone could ever wish for.

Q4. How would you describe your art?

My art is making music and igniting emotions within people. I would describe my art as an emotion which is unique to everyone, because it is different for every person who listens to it, and it will mean something different to anyone who listens to it. 

The artist who created my Sentiment piece was inspired to create it through my musical art, therefore it’s an indirect product of the images and feelings I have inside my mind which gave me the inspiration to create music, which in turn inspired the artist to create a piece of art in the shape and form of my album cover and its contents. 

We are all artists in one form or another.

Q5.Which artists inspire you?

I was very much inspired by album covers created for Pink Floyd, Genesis and The Beatles, amongst many others. 

The 70’s was a very inspirational time to create music and be inspired by some hugely talented graphic designers and photographers who pushed the boundaries of art well into the musical eco-systems of the time.

Numerous albums with their inspirational covers released from the late 60’s, up until the present day, were the first point of entry into the music, and both went hand in hand to create the ultimate audio experience, reading the sleeve whilst listening to the music.

Q6. What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment to me means peace, hope, feeling and connection. The more ways we can connect as a race the better. We have become separated too much, ironically by some of the inventions designed to do the exact opposite, mainly social media. Therefore reconnecting in one form or another is most welcome in my book, and it doesn’t get more original than a Sentiment piece.


LR 3CD.jpg


Celebrating the works of the artist,

singer, song writer and musician, Chris Mars. In collaboration we have created a piece of artwork encompassing all the lyrics from this album 'Another Time Another Place'. Elements of the spirit of his work are sewn into the image in the same way the music flows as does each added element to the original artwork. Divided into 4 12"sq pieces and divided again into tiny iconic jigsaw shapes creating a connection through art. Divided into 1000 of the iconic jigsaw shapes. Each piece is mounted onto a 24 carat gold gilded base 

with a thread of gold running through to symbolise the unique connection to the artist and all who hold a piece of this unique Artwork. 

Tee 1.jpg

Signed, numbered and framed in a simple black shadow box frame 12cmsq. A copy of the whole image is printed and inserted into the back of the frame with details of this artist.

To own a piece of Chris's Sentiment follow the link below and start collecting and connecting.

A human connection through the medium of art.

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