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Dr Pam Spurr

Dr Pam Spurr tells us about herself with a simple Q&A

Q1: Who is Dr Pam Spurr 

I'm Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist, life coach and self-help expert. After six years in the NHS I've worked privately and in the media on radio, television, writing books, newspaper, website and magazine columns as well as 15 self help  books. What's most important to me is family, friends, meeting new people, having adventures, going to new places and trying new things.

Q2: Where do you get your Inspiration

The Inspiration for my painting comes from the incredible people (mainly women) that I've met usually in a professional capacity that I've interviewed or coached over the years. The powerful stories that I've had the privilege of people sharing with me have affected me deeply. Stories that many of us experience about loss and renewal, self esteem. confidence, body issues, relationship breakdowns, new relationships, addictive issues and other challenges. I've always been struck by the courage, hope and the sparks of positivity that people reveal about themselves even when finding themselves in the most difficult situations.

When people share their intense emotional stories, it might sound strange but I see these in colour and images. I often come away from interviewing someone with these colourful sensations whirling around in my mind. It's like my senses are crossing and mixing from the spoken word into colour and sensations.

It's been exhilarating to start putting these down on paper over the last eight or nine months since I've thrown myself into painting. It's like all of these emotional sensations, images and colours were ready to burst out.

Q3: Did you have any training

I did a huge number of art courses in my teenage years and loved experimenting with painting, drawing, pottery, weaving and collages. All of the artistic experimentation went by the wayside when I became a young mother at university. As my family grew i made sure I did lots of arts and crafts with my children. I didn't start experimenting with my own until late summer 2019.

Q4: How would you describe your art

I describe my art as veering between expressionistic and abstract. I use colour and texture to bring an idea to life. The textures are created not only with brushes but also with sponges, sandpaper, twigs and different implements including a mango on one painting.

Q5 What artists inspire you

I love the beauty and skilfulness of old Masters. The ground breaking art at the time of the impressionists and the inventiveness of the Avent-garde and modern art movements.

In our time I find the work of Ai Weiwei, Alyssa Monk, Damien Hirst, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Bill Viola,Lincoln Townley amongst many other artists totally astounding and for very different reasons.

I'm moved by vibrancy in a piece of art equally to subtletly in another piece. Also by groundbreaking art as much as classic painting and sculpture.

Q6: What does Sentiment mean to you

Sentiment means so much to me and in so many different ways.I love the powerful message of sharing a piece of art with so many others, and even across the world. Connectivity is crucial in our world today especially with the extroardinary International crisis we're going through with Covid-19

It's so important to us as humans to have connection with others and this is the most unique way to do so.

I also love the sense that there is emotion and passion with every piece of Sentiment Art. It is the perfect expression of the variety of human emotions and yet the common thread between our emotions. The perfect gift that's truly personal and forever rather than flowers or chocolates that people often give.

Contact Pam at

Dr Pam's Sentiment


Dr Pam Spurr's artwork 'Renewing Waters'

is now available. This stunning piece is painted in acrylic divided into 1000 pieces and mounted onto a 24-carat gold leaf backing and simply framed in a black wooden box frame. To be connected and share in Dr Pam's Sentiment follow the link.

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