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Marie tells us about herself with a simple Q&A

Q1 Who is Marie?

My day job is writing scripts, casting and running a theatrical production company. My escape is my art. Painting is a passion and a distraction and thinking time which takes me away from the stresses of the daily grind.

Q2 Where do you get your inspiration?

I am inspired by daily life, what’s current in popular culture. Women’s media and photographs in magazine’s are also a constant source of reference. But my work in theatre inspires me most, I love painting faces and evoking feelings in my art. 

Q3 Did you have any formal training?

I have a degree in Visual & Performing Arts. It gave me the opportunity to experiment in different mediums as well as time to study artists in both the visual and performance fields.

Q4 How would you describe your art?

I don’t like categories and labels, but as I combine painting, photography, and text in my art, maybe it falls into the mixed media category. With my background in performance, I constantly like to experiment. Starting a new piece of art is always a risk. It could work out or go terrible wrong. This for me is exciting about art. And there is always more art to make.

Q5 What artists inspire you?

I love artists such as David Hockney, Frida Kahlo, and Tamara de Lempicka as I love their use of colours and subject matter. And Lorenzo Quinn’s sculptures are stunning. But I am inspired daily by photography, architecture and street art also. Instagram is a fantastic platform for new artists presenting their art in many different ways. This has a major influence on new art I am making.

Q6 What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment for me is connecting with others, with the universal human spirit, and the natural world around us.


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