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Introducing Sentiment the 12 together at last.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The creation of the piece is to guide you through the concept of sharing sentiment through Art. When you have a one off original 12th of this piece you are always connected to 11 others sharing a piece of the story and journey to this point.

There will be a way for you to know how far it will travel.

A year and half ago this piece was planned following a photoshoot for Robert James Grace by Photographer Anne-Marie Bickerton and marks the beginning of this extraordinary collaboration. Inspiration through mosaics and crystals. Both have worked successfully in their fields for the past 30years to bring together a vast amount of experience, knowledge and techniques.

Sentiment started as a photograph that was digitally manipulated then layered with a mosaic style in oil paints, divided into the 12 and worked on individually in oils. Each piece then resined and embellished with gold leaf another layer of oil paint and finished with a final coat of resin to enhance the rich colours and protect.

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