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Mr. Meana

Mr Meana tells us about himself with a simple Q&A

Q1. Who is Mr Meana?

Grew up in Watford and went down the challenging route of yard and track side for
about 5yrs. After the loss of two friends in the field so to speak all stopped for a few
years. A job in security working a door actually was to be the route back to painting.
When the owner of a club commissioned a mural on the side of the building I silently
watched in horror as the end result was shocking. A quiet word revealing my past and
I took on the challenge to better this mural.

Roughly nine murals later and the owner questioned why I was still working the door.
Painting canvas's and small commissions was the start until Norton Gym in Welwyn
got in touch and gave me freedom to get my murals back on track. Within 2 months I didn't look back. Suffering with PTSD art is the most incredible therapy.

Q2. Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. Tattoo art is also an inspiration how to do a portrait and use of the negative space. About 10yrs ago I did a tattoo apprenticeship which greatly helped with technique.

Q3. Did you have any formal training?

Went to art college for about 5 months, but got thrown out for lack of attendance, just too much.

Q4. How would you describe your art?

Others describe me as a Tattooist with a spray can. We used to make up our own paints with anything available. In the late 80s and 90s mixing colours in the can in different temperatures was a dangerous affair but necessary.We would risk our lives for our passion.

Q5. What artists inspire you?

Everyone I paint with, YoungJarus especially. Inspired by old masters and technique, Cesar Santos.

Q6. What does Sentiment mean to you?

I'm a sentimental guy. I still have a couple of caps from my first commission. If when painting a mural in a child's room and they love it I leave a cap behind. Sentiment is very important in a world where nothing is guaranteed or clear.

Remembering who you are and where you came from.

Mr. Meana
Insta png.png

Mr. Meana's Sentiment

'Living the dream`

This incredible image has had quite a journey from wall to canvas and then embellished by the artist before being divided and then made available to share creating a wonderful connection through the medium of art.

Each piece is mounted on a 24 carat gold leaf base with a thread of gold running through each piece to connect the pieces together and to this artist and in turn all the artists in this Sentiment collection.

Framed in a black wooden box frame signed and numbered and ready to be shared and collected.

To own a piece of Mr Meana's Sentiment piece follow the link below and start collecting and connecting.

A human connection through the medium of art.

Mr. Meana

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