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Tee tells us about himself with a simple Q&A.

Q1 Who is Tee?

I'm a mixed media artist from London combining film, photography and digital art. I am also part of the creative team of a new company called Stirling Eco which combines innovation art and ecology.

Q2 Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from daily in Shoreditch, I see a lot of street art and fashion.     

Q3 Did you have any training?

None at all. Self taught.

Q4 How would you describe your art?

My art is a reflection of my experiences, my interest in fashion and street art.

Q5 What artists inspire you?

Lifestyle museum, a page on Instagram. He made me enjoy creating digital art again. The concept was genius to me, luxury themed prints, a brilliant gift idea. Guaranteed to make someone smile, and they did when I gifted a few people. 

Q6 What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment means value to me. The story behind the art is sometimes bigger than the art itself. My sentiment piece reminds me of the inspiration I gained, and how quickly it changed my life when I realised the value in my skills. The ability to create something that can inspire someone else or change their way of thinking is a superpower, almost.

Tee's Sentiment Piece

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To own a piece of your Sentiment follow the link below and start collecting.

A human connection through the medium of Art.

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