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Having worked as a  respected Photographer in the Magazine world for the past 30yrs she has now drawn on all her experiences and accumulated skills to create this exciting new body of work. Combining Photography, digital manipulation, painting and resin. The layering and building of  each stage takes on a very organic process over time to this finished result. 

The collaboration with Robert James Grace stemmed from working together on a shoot photographing the stunning collection of Swarovski crystal Baths.

Capturing these pieces with her knowlwdge and ability of  light whilst tackling the tricky properties of crystals.

Exciting brainstorm sessions made It clear very quickly that they shared a creative vision.

"As the collection continues, evolves and grows, the Bickerton-Grace Gallery will show you how the beauty of this process will capture your imagination......


Robert James Grace

Over 30yrs as an award winning craftsman the desire to create art while combining the years of experience became his goal. From a background of ceramic wall and floor specialist tiling and exquisite attention to fine detail.

The natural progression lead him to showcasing mosaic as art and not just as a wall and floor covering.

Robert James Grace creates unique bespoke pieces specialising in Mosaic and gold leaf designs.

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