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Eddie tells us about himself in his words...

I was born in East London in 1974 spending most my childhood in North East London. My Dad was a British Telecom engineer working in Bishopsgate and Wapping telephone exchanges.


I have early memories of going to work with him and walking around a very different Bricklane and hearing stories of family and characters of old.


Music was a constant everyone seemed to be able to play the piano and Box, my uncle could play 5 instruments and would be the pubs pianist for many a sing song, my dad played guitar by ear and later my brother, the radio was king music was everywhere.


My Grandad was a boxer my great uncles would prize fight in the pubs on commercial street for a living. both my nans returned from the safety of a

rural wartime evacuation  to the East End and the blitz. My great Nan died in 1942 when a bomb fell in the ticket hall of bank station the blast of which blew those seeking shelter on the platforms below onto the tracks and into the path of the passing train. An uncle was a salad trader and at spitalfields at 3am trading for the tomatoes he’d sell that day, long before bonds where traded in shinny scrapers in its shadow. That combination of music it all forms the stories the concentration of life the East End and the docks have the music, the love of life, the characters all with little in material, a silent toughness that knew how to fight, work hard and have a party those people are my inspiration.


I have not had any formal training. I have ADHD and Dyslexia that whilst undiagnosed until age 42 was in reflection showing symptoms from age 7. My memory of education with undiagnosed ADHD I can best describe as understanding everything, indeed beyond the requirements in most cases. Communicating that understanding verbally or in writing without coming across as insane was near impossible as such my belief was generally that I was in fact  pretty stupid winging it and constantly on the verge of being found out.


However I excelled in Art it was a way to show intelligence of subject as much as technique, it was where I was confident to express, it was my stage. Whilst I excelled I also was protective of the Art I produced and would rebel against being told what to produce as such I would best be described me then as artistically incendiary as a student. It was only when my dad died in 2013 and subsequently lead to my ADHD being diagnosed did it become clear that the creativity I always had was indeed a necessity to my well-being.


What had propped up my ability to work was that it was in London I could walk the streets recall the stories the music feed my passion. But now I could translate all this passion into pieces of Art I decided to make the change and dedicate my time 100% to Art. To educate myself by presenting at Art fairs and mixing with Artists. I have mainly showed at Roy’s Art Fair, but also the New and Talented Art fairs and was a finalist in the Paebo Mixed Media Artist of the year award 2018 where the work was in the Menier Gallery. I have sold pieces in the UK and Europe but constantly strive to produce new original work incorporating all my life experiences I want work to feel like a moving musical encore.


My artistic influence are mainly Lowery I can hear his work, and Warhol for his  bold eye grabbing pop images. My musical influences and life experience equally shape my work. I’m interested in the link between music and memory, how a song can transport you to a moment in time and all its references for a second. I like using reclaimed scrap materials  and transport collectible along with manipulated photography and street marking paint. Layered with images layer in lead and sealed in layer of resin, to physically capture the mood of a moment in time In London, frozen.

My Current work is a reflection of my desire to communicate intelligence through Art to promote life change, my desire for reaction by creating work that triggers a memory in others, the connection between music and memory, the diversity of London, and the essence of the East end where things that you wouldn’t necessarily put together somehow holding strong and working, It’s the sum of many layers of a story, it’s a flash back like a song a visual encore to a story. Its for ADHD in it shows self expression and a intelligence is equal in art and word. I think I will always strive to tell stories in art in different more original eye catching ways that create a reaction and reward more the closer you look them, and like a city have menace, love, humour and humanity at every turn, and always a song in the background.



Eddie's Sentiment Piece

scale Eddie 3.jpg

Signed, numbered and framed in a simple black shadow box frame 12cmsq. A copy of the whole image is printed and inserted into the back of the frame with details of this artist.

To own a piece of Eddie's Sentiment follow the link below and start collecting and connecting.

A human connection through the medium of art.

"Camden Town"

This extraordinary piece of mixed media art has many levels and many layers. Eddie takes you on a trip through his world in a sculptural piece of wall art made up of everything and anything that inspires him in a truly London vibe.

We have been fortunate to have the image and turn it into a canvas then to be divided into 1000 of the iconic jigsaw shape. Each piece mounted onto a 24carat gilded base with a thread of gold running through to symbolise the unique connection to the artist and all who hold a piece of this Artwork. 

Eddie Piece.jpg

Eddie's Gallery

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