Laurie tells us about herself with a simple Q&A

Q1 Who is Laurie?

I am a native of California currently living in Massachusetts. I am a contemporary abstract painter, photographer, teacher, writer, traveler, and mother

Q2 Where do you get your inspiration?

Much of my inspiration comes from within. I feel an itch, sometimes a fire, deep inside that can only be calmed by spreading colors on canvas. My desire to paint is also fueled by the works of other painters. When I return home after visiting a gallery or museum I often can’t wait to run to my studio and get to work. It’s a bit like getting hunger pangs from reading a recipe. My paintings are rarely inspired by the world around me, but my photographs certainly are. They are two very different creative processes for me.

Q3 Did you have any training?

As a very young child my mother recognized and encouraged my artistic gifts. I started going to an art class as a ten-year-old, and I continued taking classes for years afterwards. I have a B.A. in art and in recent years have studied with some incredible abstract artists, including Theresa Girard and Cynthia Adams.

Q4 How would you describe your art?

I tend to say as little as possible about my work, preferring viewers to create their own impressions. However, I can say that my paintings are a spontaneous unfolding, an unplanned journey of exploration and discovery. They are the result of my efforts to stay in the moment, free from preconceived notions about what they need to be. Most people describe my work as whimsical, evocative, mysterious, magical, and fun.

Q5 What artists inspire you?

When I was a young girl I loved looking through my parents’ art books, and it was the paintings of Chagall, Klee, Kandinsky and Miró that enchanted me the most, along with the drawings of Saul Steinberg. They still inspire to this day, along with current abstract artists such as Karen Hale, Cynthia Haase, Enrique Pichardo, Rita Miranoff, and many others.

Q6 What does Sentiment mean to you?

Sentiment means many things to me. I am a sentimental person who has tender feelings towards others, often holding on to sweet memories of times past. For me, this Sentiment exhibit means caring for others beyond our beloved friends and family. These tiny fragments of art cut from a whole and shared around the world is one way we can connect with one another, as one united family. During these times of tension, strife, and sickness, it’s especially precious to feel we are all an integral part of our beautiful and diverse global family.


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